November 8, 2012

Crazy Fun

My daughter seems to have some time to kill while she is on tour. She is a dancer and travels many of the Northwestern states touring for a Non-profit modern dance group. They perform for Public schools as well as other associations. But I guess it's not all work, they do manage to get some fun time in once in a while.

I created this layout using the sketch from I took a cardboard and just removed the top layer to expose the corrugated lines underneath. Used Gesso, paint, cardstocks, some distressed ink to get the look I was trying to achieve. Hope you enjoy.

August 27, 2012

My Husband and His Deer

 My husband in the last couple of years decided he was going to start hunting. I am originally from Chicago and can honestly say I did not know anyone prior to moving to Florida that went hunting as a sport. So yes, I want surprised, but hey whatever keeps him entertained. (FYI - Every few years he starts a new hobby.) So thank goodness he actually managed to kill something (sorry, I know that sounds horrible) but maybe he'll stick to this hobby for little bit longer than the others. Gotta love them!!!